ECO 4 Scheme?

The Energy Company Obligation 4 (ECO4) scheme represents the latest governmental effort to bolster energy efficiency within homes across the UK.

Introduced in April 2022, this scheme marks the fourth iteration in a series of governmental endeavours that commenced in 2013, succeeding the ECO3 scheme which concluded in March 2022.

Scheduled to operate until March 2026, the ECO4 scheme adopts a holistic approach toward enhancing energy efficiency, with a primary focus on upgrading heating systems in UK residences. While not directly aimed at providing warmth, the ECO scheme seeks to mitigate carbon emissions, aligning with the UK's objective of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Since its inception in 2012, the ECO scheme has facilitated enhanced energy efficiency standards in over 2.3 million homes.

The scheme's fundamental legislation holds prominent energy companies responsible for aiding low-income households, including provision of hardship grants tailored to single parents, individuals with disabilities, and financially distressed families.

Entities such as UK Energy Support collaborate closely with Ofgem, the UK's energy regulator, and other energy suppliers to ensure adherence to the standards outlined by the ECO scheme. Local authorities play a crucial role in identifying and referring eligible households poised to benefit from this initiative.

What Does The ECO4 Scheme Cover?
The ECO4 scheme offers financial support that covers a wide range of energy efficiency improvements for UK homes, such as:

  1. Free boilers
  2. Central heating systems
  3. Boiler replacement
  4. Solar panels
  5. Air source heat pump
  6. Storage heaters
  7. Various types of insulation grants (e.g. loft, underfloor, external and internal wall, cavity wall, and roof insulation

What Boilers Can You Get Under The Free Boiler Grant?

  1. Conventional boilers
  2. Combi boilers
  3. System boilers
  4. Air-source heat pumps

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