Scotland Free Boiler Scheme

For over a decade, both the UK and Scottish governments have extended support through free boiler grants and financial assistance aimed at alleviating home energy costs throughout the UK.

The Free Boiler grant, operating under the ECO4 boiler scheme, endeavours to implement various energy-saving enhancements for households across the UK. The primary objective of this initiative is to curtail heating expenses and overall energy expenditures by furnishing eligible homeowners with complimentary boilers or replacements under specific conditions. These conditions encompass:

  1. Total household income not exceeding £19,720 per annum.
  2. Homeownership status.
  3. Receipt of benefits, such as Child Benefits and Income Support.
  4. Pensioners aged 60 and above, receiving Pension Credit Benefits or equivalent.
  5. Possession of a gas boiler surpassing 15 years of age.
  6. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or below for the existing boiler.
  7. Dysfunction or faultiness of the current boiler.