What is an EPC?


Energy Performance Certificates are used to evaluate the efficiency of a property. This indicates how high the energy bills will be to heat and run a property and how costs can be reduced.

The main output of the Certificate is a rating from A-G, with A being for the most efficient, low cost properties.

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If you're a Landlord then your properties will need to meet a certain level set by the Council in order to be let.

If you're a homeowner looking to sell, then the Certificate will inform buyers of the changes you have made to your property, how much potential changes could cost and then an estimate of their annul costs to run the property.

The EPC will look at various factors such as:

Heating Systems - If you have upgraded to a new condensing boiler for example this will show on the Certificate

Insulation - Is the loft insulated and what depth of insulation. This is arguably the most affordable way to improve the efficiency of a property

Wall Type - Do you have a Solid or Cavity Wall, is it insulated, if not how much could it cost potential buyers or Landlords.

Lighting - Do you use Energy Efficient bulbs to help reduce your costs of running the property.

To gather all of this information we undertake a site visit. This usually takes around 20-30 minutes and will involve looking at the meters, in the loft if you have one, at the heating systems and measuring inside and outside of the house.

Following the visit we will use the information to calculate an overall efficiency score for the property. Once we complete an EPC we lodge it to the Government's register of EPCs www.epcregister.com, this is also known as the Landmark database.

Once the report is on the database it can be viewed and downloaded by agents, solicitors or any member of the public as necessary.